This Week’s Practice Video

I’ve uploaded a new video with simple, essential (and space-saving!) exercises for Argentine tango practice that you can do at home.

The first is an exercise to help with technique for giros or turns to the left and right, that was first shown to me by Lorena Ermocida, the wonderful and world-renowned performer and teacher,  when I took classes with her and the late maestro Osvaldo Zotto in Buenos Aires.

The second is a footwork sequence with crossing and traspie (double or more crossings that give a tripping effect). The sequence broken down goes: plain stepping forwards and back x 2, stepping with cross behind the forward step x 2, stepping with cross in front of the back step x 2 and stepping with crosses on both steps x 2. Then repeat with double crossing or “traspie”.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you have any requests for future videos!


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