This Tip Will Transform Your Tango…


A good pivot can transform your tango, making your response to the leader’s markings quicker and lighter. You will improve your connection to the dance floor as well as to your partner, creating leverage for better balanced side-steps and more controlled leg extensions. For the leader, an improved pivot can take your giros and ochos to another level, allowing you to guide your partner easily without having to resort to rowing of the arms.

Many leaders and followers are afraid to keep their weight forward on the balls of the feet because they think that they will balance better with weight on the heel, however this means that they cannot pivot properly as the heel acts as a brake. Some beginners even insist on keeping the weight on two feet which often causes them to set off on the wrong foot and means that they have a hard time pivoting. Often they even try to break up the pivot step into three steps!

Tips for a better pivot:

  • push downwards into the floor to pivot rather than just thinking of turning. This improves grip and makes for smoother movement connected to the dance floor.
  • Keep your thighs, knees and ankles pressed together to help you turn (when applicable). The outer foot can help the inner foot turn.
  • make sure that in giros or turns you do not side step with an out-turned foot in order to shortcut the pivot required for the forward half-ocho (a small turning out of the toes is ok for aesthetics)
  • Don’t forget to pivot before the backward ocho as, technique and aesthetics aside, you will also strain the knee of your supporting leg.
  • The hips and the feet must work together for the pivot, in conjunction with the shoulders which need to compensate for the torsion by keeping aligned with those of the dance partner.
  • Contrary to what some people believe, the movement for the pivot is not limited to the hips and below, there is also some torsion right up to the underarm when a wide angle such as for an ocho is required.
  • As well as practising ochos, make sure to practise, 180 degree and even 360 degree pivots.
  • Lastly, make sure you have the correct soles! Leather or suede is best, most rubber soles will be counter-productive (although some specialist dance shoes have rubber soles).


Argentine Tango Classes in SW3, SW6 & W1

Here is an update of our current calendar which will not change until April:

  • Tuesdays: Drop-in class at Danceworks from 7.00-8.30pm, 16 Balderton Street W1K6TN – £10 per class (6th class free) plus Danceworks membership fee at reception.
  • Thursdays: New drop-in class at Chelsea Sports Centre, Studio 2 from 8.00-9.00pm, Chelsea Manor Street, SW35PL – FIRST CLASS HALF PRICE! £7.50 – £15 per class (6th class free) or only £10 when pre-paying for 5 classes. There is no membership fee at reception.
  • Fridays: Drop-in class at Dance Attic from 7.30-8.30pm, 368 North End Road SW61LY – £6 per class (6th class free) plus Dance Attic membership fee at reception.
  • All classes are drop-ins and open to all levels as the studios are large enough to integrate everyone.


Tangolicious in Buenos Aires!

I will be in Buenos Aires from the 12th to the 24th of February enjoying some sunshine and tango, and during this period I am delighted that my classes will be covered by a good friend of mine; she is multi-talented in tango, being not only a dancer, but also a singer and a musician! More about my cover teacher in the coming days…

The classes will therefore continue throughout February, with my last class before leaving being on Thursday 11th February at Chelsea Sports Centre and my first one back being on Thursday 25th of February.

There are still 10 classes to go until the trip, so I look forward to seeing everyone at Chelsea Sports Centre, Danceworks and Dance Attic until then!


Half-Price Tango Class in Chelsea!

Happy New Year to all!
The Chelsea drop-in tango classes have now begun and are every Thursday from 8.00-9.00pm at Chelsea Sports Centre, Chelsea Manor Street, SW3 5PL.
As an introductory offer, there is 50% discount on first tango classes taken in January at Chelsea Sports Centre.
The discount price is £7.50
Normal price for this class is £15 (6th class free with the loyalty card) or £10 per class for a block of 5

For more info visit or email Jane:
I hope to see you soon!