Tangolicious Online Practice Videos

While the usual classes are suspended, I will be uploading practice videos as requested, to Tangolicious Online, my new Youtube Channel. You can see the first video, on basic ocho technique, here:

Some tips for your ocho practice:

  • Try to maintain your shoulders facing fowards
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed
  • Elongate your torso to create space for the hips
  • Your back should stay straight, no arching back or ribs
  • Always pivot on the ball of one foot only
  • Keep your weight on the foot you stepped with until pivot complete
  • Do not change weight when you collect
  • Remember to collect your feet after stepping
  • Ankles, knees and thighs are together when you collect/pivot

If you would like to send me a practice video for commentary or have any questions, please email or message me!

Jane Solomon: 07901551955 – tango167@yahoo.co.uk

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