Tango in Chelsea Starts 7th January!

Our new Chelsea Tango classes start Thursday 7th January 2016 at Chelsea Sports Centre.

This is a Drop-In class from 8-9pm each week, suitable for all levels. Studio 2 at the Chelsea Sports Centre is very large with full-length mirrors and practise barres, and has recently been redecorated as part of the whole centre’s refurbishment.

What you will learn in addition to technique, improvisation skills and styling: (the spanish terms are in inverted commas)

Basic 8-step and Cross 8-step or “salida”

Figures of 8 or “ochos”

Half-turns or “medio giros”

Full turns or “giros”

Leg whips or “boleos”

Hooks or “ganchos”

Stops or “paradas”

Displacements or “sacadas”

Short step sequences, more complicated sequences and chains for more advanced students.

For more info contact Jane on 07901551955 or tango167@yahoo.co.uk or simply turn up on the 7th!


Improve Your Dancing Instantly…with 30% Discount on Shoes!

It is incredible how much of a difference the right pair of shoes can make to your dancing. I never expect people to come to the first class with proper tango shoes since they might not be ready to make the investment, but regular dancers are doing themselves a disservice by using normal street shoes for tango.

Street shoes are heavier and less flexible, and often do not have the right sole. Unless a floor is very slippery, it is hard to pivot with a rubber sole. For ladies, open-toe shoes allow the foot to grip the floor better than closed-toe shoes. Men’s street shoes can be twice the weight of dance shoes and compromise balance and footwork.

So I was pleased when Capezio in Covent Garden contacted me yesterday about the special offer they are currently running, a 30% discount on selected Dancesport shoes.

The address is 33 Endell St, London WC2H 9BA and, should you wish to call first and check which styles are included, their number is 020 7379 6042. Please mention Tangolicious when you shop, to make sure the offer is applied to your purchase.


Some Tango Technique Tips From My Classes

There are common mistakes that beginners and intermediate dancers make, which I find myself correcting over and over in every class. If they are not corrected early on they can become bad habits and linger for years. This is something I have had to work on in my own dancing, so I want to make sure others correct their technique faults as soon as possible!

  • In tango, the rule is weight changes onto alternate feet, so if you have just stepped with the left foot, your weight should be on the left foot and if you have just stepped with the right foot, your weight should be on the right foot. When you collect (bring the other foot next to the foot that just stepped) you DO NOT change weight onto that foot unless it is led by the leader with a weight change.
  • Followers, when you are led to do backward ochos, please remember to pivot first. I have noticed that for the first back step, followers tend not to pivot but just to step back into the ocho. This can wrench the knee and is unsightly. Pivot first with feet together, then step.
  • Leaders, you probably know this and will read it everywhere, but please don’t row with your left arm. Keep the arm in a firm but relaxed position and just let the trunk and shoulders move to lead your partner. Think, holding a violin pose or flexing your  biceps in the mirror pose. Do not transgress into your partner’s side of the embrace.
  • Leaders, think ahead and remember to take the correct size side step for your next move so that you are well positioned for walking outside to the left, outside to the right or straight in front of your partner. Often leaders twist their hips because they took too small a step, or perhaps they can’t complete a sacada (foot or leg displacement) because they stepped too big.
  • Followers, relax so that your partner doesn’t feel you are in a hurry to move. Wait for his next marking to move without tensing in anticipation.
  • Leaders, remember to lead the follower with a marking in good time. This means before you step, if you will be stepping together. Especially important if she has to pivot before stepping. She needs time and warning. Also, remember to give her time for weight changes, and keep in mind where her axis is at all times so you do not disturb her balance.

That is all for now, Happy Tangoing!




Studio 2 at Chelsea Sports Centre is the new venue for Tangolicious Chelsea, with classes starting on the 7th January 2016. This will be a Drop-in class from 8-9pm and there is no need to book or bring a partner. All levels are welcome. The class price is £15 and, as with all our classes, your 6th class is free!

The studio is extremely spacious, with full-length mirrors and large windows, and has jsut been redecorated as part of the complete refurbishment of the Sports Centre. Facilities include large, recently upgraded changing rooms with showers and hair-dryers.

Chelsea Sports Centre is on Chelsea Manor Street, just off the King’s Road (opposite Waitrose) and the nearest tube station is Sloane Square. I will post some photos of the studio as soon as possible, so please check-in again here soon!



Loads of people have been contacting us lately asking for tango classes in Chelsea. We have held classes at several venues in the area over the past year and a half but hadn’t, until now, found that perfect place – a place with huge mirrors, a giant dance floor, great changing rooms, all newly decorated and situated in an ideal location just off the fashionable hub of the King’s Road.

After months of searching and waiting, it looks like we have found the right spot for our Tangolicious Chelsea classes and this will be announced as soon as everything has been signed and sealed!

We will be holding the class every Thursday from 8.00-9.00pm as of January 7th 2016. The class will cost £15 with no membership fee to pay. And. like all the classes, every 6th class is free with our loyalty card!