Pivots & Turns – New Practice Video!

This week’s video shows a simple exercise for pivots and turns, including the addition of back crosses. Lapiz (or dibujo) practice is also included, drawing circles with the toe both on the spot and turning.

Points to remember:

  • Always pivot on the ball of only one foot, the first foot to step
  • Collect with the other foot, but without weight
  • Keep ankles, knees and thighs together during the pivot
  • Shoulders are relaxed, the neck is long, chin straight
  • Pull down shoulder blades and engage abs, feel this triangle connection
  • A strong controlled back gives leverage for the dissociation of hips

Online Group & Private Classes: This is something I’m currently working on, so if you are interested in joining an online group class with me, please send me a message or email me to let me know what days and times would be best! Private classes can also be arranged.




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