Tango in Chelsea Starts 7th January!

Our new Chelsea Tango classes start Thursday 7th January 2016 at Chelsea Sports Centre.

This is a Drop-In class from 8-9pm each week, suitable for all levels. Studio 2 at the Chelsea Sports Centre is very large with full-length mirrors and practise barres, and has recently been redecorated as part of the whole centre’s refurbishment.

What you will learn in addition to technique, improvisation skills and styling: (the spanish terms are in inverted commas)

Basic 8-step and Cross 8-step or “salida”

Figures of 8 or “ochos”

Half-turns or “medio giros”

Full turns or “giros”

Leg whips or “boleos”

Hooks or “ganchos”

Stops or “paradas”

Displacements or “sacadas”

Short step sequences, more complicated sequences and chains for more advanced students.

For more info contact Jane on 07901551955 or tango167@yahoo.co.uk or simply turn up on the 7th!


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