Improve Your Dancing Instantly…with 30% Discount on Shoes!

It is incredible how much of a difference the right pair of shoes can make to your dancing. I never expect people to come to the first class with proper tango shoes since they might not be ready to make the investment, but regular dancers are doing themselves a disservice by using normal street shoes for tango.

Street shoes are heavier and less flexible, and often do not have the right sole. Unless a floor is very slippery, it is hard to pivot with a rubber sole. For ladies, open-toe shoes allow the foot to grip the floor better than closed-toe shoes. Men’s street shoes can be twice the weight of dance shoes and compromise balance and footwork.

So I was pleased when Capezio in Covent Garden contacted me yesterday about the special offer they are currently running, a 30% discount on selected Dancesport shoes.

The address is 33 Endell St, London WC2H 9BA and, should you wish to call first and check which styles are included, their number is 020 7379 6042. Please mention Tangolicious when you shop, to make sure the offer is applied to your purchase.


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