This Week’s Video: Ocho Cortado Practice

Wednesday’s online class focused on technique relating to the Ocho Cortado, which also incorporates the previous week’s Rock Step. This week’s video details exercises for refining the elements as well as showing the leaders’ and followers’ steps.

Tips For Followers:

  • Make sure to follow the leader’s shoulders to avoid over-turning in the side pivot before the cross and keep some weight in the toe of your right foot
  • Use the rotation in the hips to pivot back from the side step into a neat cross
  • Try out the adornments in the video. The double step needs to be executed in double time so as to keep in time with the lead and music
  • Change weight immediately when you cross to ensure a clean resolution step


Tips for Leaders:

  • Give a clear lead when coming out of the rock step into the side pivot
  • The timing: accent on 1,2,3 – accent on 4,5,6 should translate as rock step, forward – side, return, cross for your partner (back step instead of forward and collect instead of cross for the leader
  • Leaders can also try crossing back instead of collecting when the follower crosses, before the resolution

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