Tango Gala: Online Ticket Savings!

Less than 2 weeks to go until the Tango Gala all-day and evening event at The Polish Club in South Kensington! We look forward to seeing you there for the Classes, Concert/Show, Milonga & off course Shopping in our fabulous retail section…

Open 12.00-10.30pm with a retail section showcasing Balanceo Shoes, Libertas Atelier and The London Tango Boutique from 5pm until closing.

Save £2 on the Advance Milonga tickets here: £2 off Milonga Entry

Save £5 on the Advance Day Pass tickets here: £5 off Tango Gala Day Pass

Venue: The Polish Club – Ognisko Polskie, 55 Exhibition Road, SW7 2PN


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