This Tuesday at Danceworks – Rebotes (rebound or rock steps)

This Tuesday we will be looking at “rebotes” otherwise known as rebound or rock steps, very important for directional changes and also to add dynamics to the dance. One example of a much used “rebote” is in the “ocho cortado” a beautiful step which features a syncopated variation of the figure of eight.

We will also continue to spend part of the class studying milonga figures and how to incorporate them into the music, whilst respecting the rhythm of this faster dance in the tango family.

Class Details:

General Level Class every Tuesday, 7.00-8.30pm in Studio 3 (top floor) at Danceworks, 16 Balderton Street W1K 6TN

Danceworks Website




Shusheta Is The New Milonga @ Dance Attic – 11th March

Shusheta is the new pop-up milonga at Dance Attic in Fulham and will be running on various Fridays after our General Level class, with the first edition taking place next week on 11th March.

The details are as follows:

  • 7.30-8.30pm General Level class with Jane – £6 (plus £2 Dance Attic entry)
  • 8.30-10.00pm Milonga with DJ Vincenzo “Amortango” – £5 (plus £2 Dance Attic entry)
  • Special Price for Class & Milonga only £9 (plus £2 Dance Attic entry)

Dance Attic has changing rooms and a Cafe serving hot and cold food that is open till 10.00pm on Friday.

We hope to see you there! And don’t forget, although there is no milonga tonight, the class is running as usual.

For more information contact Jane: 07901551955 or or visit




Immortal Tango For All

For those inspired by Immortal Tango, the hot new show running at Sadler’s Wells, you too can learn to dance the Argentine tango.

Tango is known as “the walking dance,” because of its basis in “caminata”, when the couple walk together in complete synchronicity with the leader either in front or to the left or right of the follower. Figures of eight, turns, hooks, leg whips, syncopation and adornments add flare and dynamics to the dance.

Tangolicious now has three classes running per week, including our new Chelsea class at a fantastic venue just off the King’s Road. We hope to see you there!





Asi Se Come El Tango!

For those who haven’t yet visited Argentina, these are the delicious little cakes called “facturas” that are sold in the local bakeries or “panaderias” found every few blocks. They now cost about 4.50 pesos with a small discount for a dozen, though in 2006 they were only about 20 centavos each!

People eat them for breakfast, at tea-time or any time with mate, tea or coffee. Although, apart from the croissants or”medialunas”, they are quite heavy, with optional toppings and fillings of custard (crema inglesa), dulce de leche, a type of jam called “membrillo” or cream cheese, it’s so hot in summer that they are just the right snack to keep you going. Especially if you are going to be dancing tango at a milonga for 3 or 4 hours….