Asi Se Come El Tango!

For those who haven’t yet visited Argentina, these are the delicious little cakes called “facturas” that are sold in the local bakeries or “panaderias” found every few blocks. They now cost about 4.50 pesos with a small discount for a dozen, though in 2006 they were only about 20 centavos each!

People eat them for breakfast, at tea-time or any time with mate, tea or coffee. Although, apart from the croissants or”medialunas”, they are quite heavy, with optional toppings and fillings of custard (crema inglesa), dulce de leche, a type of jam called “membrillo” or cream cheese, it’s so hot in summer that they are just the right snack to keep you going. Especially if you are going to be dancing tango at a milonga for 3 or 4 hours….






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