Tango First Dance – Reviews From Happy Couples

Some reviews from several happy couples I taught for their wedding first dance. All of them requested a choreography which they preferred over the idea of improvising. I also made sure that they would be able to improvise should they forget their steps on the big day. One of the couples only had two two-hours sessions and had never danced before! All were delighted with how their first dance turned out.

Please contact me if you would like to arrange classes, or come to one of the three drop-ins I run each week!

Jane – 07901551955 / tango167@yahoo.co.uk


“Thanks so much for helping us with our dance – I will send you a pic when I get them. Everyone said it looked great and I think we performed it well. My husband and I really enjoyed taking dance lessons so it might be something we’ll do again in the future.”

“Thank you so much for the wedding dance lessons. Our instructor made the classes fun and informative. She was incredibly supportive, well organized and professional. In just two sessions, we had our two minute first dance memorized. I highly recommend!”

“The wedding went really well and we enjoyed it a lot accompanied by all our friends. The tango went also well, and for the first time I really enjoyed dancing so thanks for that!. Have look to the file attached as this is what we finally achieved with your help. Many thanks again and hope to see you in the future…”


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