New Video: Rock Step Sequence

Following on from Wednesday’s live class, I’m posting the leaders’ and followers’ rock steps (rebotes) on both sides as well as several variations with crossing adornments.

  • Leaders, try to achieve a smooth yet elastic rock or “rebote”
  • Allow the follower to shift their weight back fully
  • Maintaining  a firm hand on the follower’s back helps to mark  the return
  • Lead a tight forward half “ochito” or mini ocho to exit the second rock step where a side step is not possible for the follower.


  • Followers, keep your half ocho small and precise
  • Keep square to the leader and avoid over-stepping them
  • Respond to the rock step lead smoothly and with elasticity
  • Don’t pull with energy in the back, feel and follow the spring in the lead

Free Online Tango Class: Wed 22 April @ 12pm

I will be teaching a free 40 minute technique class for leaders and followers of all levels, via Zoom – this Wednesday 22nd April from 12 noon.

  • To join, please use the following link:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 612 146 1172
Password: 9ZMVyK
  • Reminder: do make sure you’re camera and mic are set up before the start of the class, so that we can communicate during the class and for me to provide technique feedback as we go.
I look forward to seeing you!
  • Anyone who would like to contribute towards the time and cost of running free live classes and online videos can do so here: Donations

Thank You!


Terms & Conditions:

  • This class is for age 18 and above
  • By taking part in the class, you are doing so at your own risk
  • If you have any injuries, please let me know in advance


Pivots & Turns – New Practice Video!

This week’s video shows a simple exercise for pivots and turns, including the addition of back crosses. Lapiz (or dibujo) practice is also included, drawing circles with the toe both on the spot and turning.

Points to remember:

  • Always pivot on the ball of only one foot, the first foot to step
  • Collect with the other foot, but without weight
  • Keep ankles, knees and thighs together during the pivot
  • Shoulders are relaxed, the neck is long, chin straight
  • Pull down shoulder blades and engage abs, feel this triangle connection
  • A strong controlled back gives leverage for the dissociation of hips

Online Group & Private Classes: This is something I’m currently working on, so if you are interested in joining an online group class with me, please send me a message or email me to let me know what days and times would be best! Private classes can also be arranged.




This Week’s Practice Video

I’ve uploaded a new video with simple, essential (and space-saving!) exercises for Argentine tango practice that you can do at home.

The first is an exercise to help with technique for giros or turns to the left and right, that was first shown to me by Lorena Ermocida, the wonderful and world-renowned performer and teacher,  when I took classes with her and the late maestro Osvaldo Zotto in Buenos Aires.

The second is a footwork sequence with crossing and traspie (double or more crossings that give a tripping effect). The sequence broken down goes: plain stepping forwards and back x 2, stepping with cross behind the forward step x 2, stepping with cross in front of the back step x 2 and stepping with crosses on both steps x 2. Then repeat with double crossing or “traspie”.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you have any requests for future videos!


Tangolicious Online Practice Videos

While the usual classes are suspended, I will be uploading practice videos as requested, to Tangolicious Online, my new Youtube Channel. You can see the first video, on basic ocho technique, here:

Some tips for your ocho practice:

  • Try to maintain your shoulders facing fowards
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed
  • Elongate your torso to create space for the hips
  • Your back should stay straight, no arching back or ribs
  • Always pivot on the ball of one foot only
  • Keep your weight on the foot you stepped with until pivot complete
  • Do not change weight when you collect
  • Remember to collect your feet after stepping
  • Ankles, knees and thighs are together when you collect/pivot

If you would like to send me a practice video for commentary or have any questions, please email or message me!

Jane Solomon: 07901551955 –

Argentine Tango Classes over Christmas/Holidays

The last drop-in tango class of 2019 (general level – all welcome!) is this Friday, 20th December from 7.30-8.30pm.

Venue: Dance Attic, 368 North End Road, SW6 1LY – nearest tubes Fulham Broadway and West Brompton.

Cost: £6 after the class and £2 at reception for day membership to DA

The first class of 2020 will be held on Friday January 3rd.

Happy Christmas/Holidays and New Year to all!

Contact: Jane Solomon – – 07901551955


Tango Performance 23.11.19

Some photographs from a performance I did last Saturday at Dance Attic’s Clappy Hour show – photographer Fanny Castella


For show dance bookings, please contact me direct – Jane Solomon 07901551955

Tango classes:

Tango group drop-in is every Friday 7.30-8.30pm at Dance Attic – 368 North End Road SW61LY –

Private classes: please contact me to arrange private classes

Friday Drop-In Class at Dance Attic

(Updated 21st September 2019)
Drop-in class for Beginners/Intermediates
Every Friday at Dance Attic Fulham
7.30-8.30pm with Celia Jane Solomon, who has over 15 years experience teaching and performing Argentine Tango in London & Buenos Aires
£6 Class plus £2 day entry to Dance Attic studios, 368 North End Road, SW6 1LY (nearest tubes Fulham Broadway and West Brompton)
Contact: Jane 07901551955 –

Next Milonga Saturday 27th April 2019!


Mi Refugio – The Pink Edition

Optional Dress Code this month: Pink!

We look forward to seeing our friends old and new at Mi Refugio, our monthly milonga in the elegant ballroom on the first floor of London Latvian House (72 Queensborough Terrace, W2 3SH)

It is just a 3 and 6 minute walk from Queensway & Bayswater tube stations respectively.

7.00-7.45pm General Level class with Celia Jane Solomon (£8)
7.45-10.30pm Milonga with DJ Warren Edwardes (£8)

Special Combined Price Class & Milonga: £14

***FREE glass of wine
*** Complimentary nibbles and soft drinks
***Raffle of a bottle of La Cumparsita!

Traditional tangos in Tandas with Cortinas
(4T c 4T c 3V c 4T c 4T c 3M c)

Resident DJ Warren Edwardes’ DJ Page has a draft play list which will be updated subject to requests.